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Back to animations!

2011-04-06 12:26:42 by darkpower508

Lately I've been really lazy. I stopped all animatiosn I was working on. Now I'm back to finish them. Got 2 animations planned for you to watch. All part of the "Kings Rein" trillagy. The first one is alredy uploaded. The King and I. I shall be releasing "A frozen Hell" one day. Oh, and watch for a little cameo from my other animations. A cup of tea if you can tell me what it is (I have already added this cameo to another uploaded animation, think of it as the reacurring theme).
With that, I bid you a good day.
P.S. I;m not sure how to change my avatar when i post a comment (see the guy with white glasses to the left of my name, that avatar). Any instructions on how to change that would be much appricated.
Also, some animation ideas didn't really work out, so I'm choosing the ones that might work best.